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Our Support Staff

Our Support Staff is the backbone of Empire Dental Associates. When you come visit us, chances are the first person you will see will be Dawn or Danielle at our reception desk. They both make sure that all our patients' scheduling needs are looked after, and ensure that you get prompt attention from all our practitioners. And they're very sweet people, too!

Of course, we sometimes need to make specialized appliances for your dental health needs. At Empire Dental Associates, we have our own full service dental lab present on the premises, so our technician, Gary, is able to work directly with our dentists and our patients. We do our own porcelain work, porcelain fused to metal, complete and partial dentures, and splints. And because the lab is part of our practice, you won't have to wait for a lab technician to arrive from another location. Gary is never happier than when he's helping one of our patients to smile.

In addition, we have the latest diagnostic equipment, including panoramic x-ray equipment, so we can offer you the very finest, most accurate treatment possible.

Monica De Wit

Hi folks! This is Monica De Wit, one of the hygienists here at Empire Dental Associates.

Our fearless office manager Blair, asked me to write a little blurb about myself for our website. Gulp. So here goes...I graduated from the University of Alberta Dental Hygiene program in 1982 - yes, that's 30 years ago. Six months later I was asked to help out as a clinical instructor in the same dental hygiene program and worked both there and in general practice until we moved to B.C. Five years later we decided that Alberta is the real promised land and have been back for the last 20 years.

I have been working for Empire Dental Associates for one year now and I LOVE the camaraderie and the office as a whole. My high school art teacher couldn't figure out why I would want to go into the sciences when I would have done well with a fine arts degree. Actually, I have always thought of dental hygiene as my "art form". I liken my chosen career to "sculpture". Our patients often mention that my work is very gentle and I attribute this to my ability to think 3-dimentionally. My other interests include growing, showing and judging orchids, jewelry making, photography and even a little (non-dental) artwork from time to time.