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Orthodontic Treatments in Edmonton

Empire Dental in Edmonton offers full orthodontic treatment or braces, however for many patients we also offer an alternative option known as Clearline Orthodontics.

What is Clearline Orthodontics?

Clearline orthodontics is the next generation in invisible orthodontics. This system straightens teeth, and/or remove spaces between the teeth by using a series of clear plastic removable aligners. A digital treatment plan is generated that shows you the movement of your teeth from the current position to the desired final position. As your teeth gradually move you switch to a newly developed Clearline tray as per the digital treatment plan.

How many Clearline trays are required?

The number of aligner trays vary with each individual case. We anticipate anywhere from 6 to 12 aligner trays.

How long does Clearline Orthodontics take?

Again this may vary with each individual case. On average we would anticipate 8 - 10 months. Please contact us for more information.