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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us be of service...
At Empire Dental Associates, we believe good dental health is an important part of good general health. Our commitment is to helping you be the best you can be! To help you understand how we can serve your dental health needs, we've prepared some information about our dental specialties. As always, if there are specific questions you need to have answered, we invite you to contact us directly at (780)-482-4000, or by e-mail at
1. I have frequent headaches. Is this related to my dental health?
Maybe! If you have explored other causes of headaches without success, it may very well be that you are suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. The temporomandibular joint is the joint which connects your jaw to your skull, and when it comes out of alignment, many problems may occur. You may notice pain in the joint itself; you may find that you hear or feel a 'clicking' when you open or close your mouth; and you may well suffer from headaches as a result of a misaligned TMJ.
2. My child has crooked teeth. I would like to have them straightened, but I don't like the idea of having to pull healthy teeth to do it.
Neither do we. At Empire Dental Associates, we believe it is much better for your child's long-term health to persuade his or her own healthy teeth into a correct alignment, than to pull teeth and move the remaining ones into line. Our method actually takes less time than conventional orthodontia, is considerably more cost-effective, and in the end, your child will have a natural, healthy mouth, and none of the problems which can sometimes arise from more invasive orthodontic treatments.
3. English is not my first language. Can you offer me service in any other language?
Absolutely! Empire Dental Associates can offer you top-quality treatment in a variety of languages, including Polish, Ukrainian, French, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese.
4. I need dental work done, but I have no money and I'm not covered by dental insurance. Can you help me?
Empire Dental Associates doesn't believe dental health should be only for the wealthy. We have recently introduced a program through the National Bank which allows patients in need of treatment to obtain short-term financing for this purpose on a timely basis. Please feel free to ask our staff about this program.
5. I was in a car accident, and I still have pain in my head and neck. Could this be related to my teeth?
It could be. We tend to think of soft-tissue damage and broken bones when we think of auto accidents, but your teeth and jaws can suffer the consequences of this kind of trauma, as well. We frequently find ourselves called upon as expert witnesses in personal-injury cases, as well as to provide care for the victims of such accidents.
6. I think I need a root canal, but I can't afford to keep taking time off work to come back for several appointments. Can you do anything to help me?
We probably can! We have a system for performing root canals which frequently allows us to complete the entire treatment in a single appointment. Each case, of course, must be assessed individually, but we understand that your time is valuable, and we want to complete your treatment and get you back to work with a smile.
7. With all the recent controversy about water quality, I worry about the possibility of infection from invasive dental treatment. Have you addressed this problem?
We have, and we think you're right to be concerned. While all instruments, burrs, drill heads, and suction heads which are used in patients' mouths are always sterilized before they are used, the basic equipment, the part which does not directly contact the patient, is not routinely sterilized, in most dental practices. In the near future, the dental profession will be required to install systems which flush the hoses and tubing - the "plumbing" - which lead to dental instruments with an antibacterial solution before each patient is seen. Empire Dental Associates has had such a system in place for some time already.